78 / 179

Women members

4.2 - 5.1

Soil pH mean


Coffee trees

86% +

Cupping scores

1705 m


1200 - 1300

Precipitation range

Certified under

Our Product


  • Full washed Arabica bourbon- Majority A1 & A2
  • Quality
  • Cupping scores:> 86%-specialty coffee sold internationally

Our Specialty

  • Aroma: sweet pepper* raisins* grape juice, honey, mandarin, caramel, kumquat
  • Acidity: complex fruit* tartaric, multi-dimensional

Our Process

Coffee is fully-washed at central washing station of the cooperative and dried naturally by the sun. The well-aerated deep natural fertile soils dominating Giheke hills, and the favorable climatic conditions throughout the year; make it very conducive for high yield of coffee cherries.

Sorted with attentive care, the coffee cherries are collected into reception buck and then channeled into the depulper which washes the cherry under a constant flow of water. Through the depulping process, coffee is channeled through canals with flow under running water that enables the coffee grading process. Coffee is graded and stored in fermentation bucks, and this gives it a distinct strong flavor. In the end, coffee is dried under moderately humid conditions – thus maintaining the coffees natural flavor and taste.

Our Stories

Ntarindwa Eustache


I joined the cooperative in 2011 as a manager, and I have gained a lot from the cooperative. I have managed to build a house through the income I got from the cooperative. Besides, I was able to do a civil wedding as well as saving for my children’s’ education. I was able to buy a cow for my family and other domestic animals. Being part of the cooperative has positively contributed to my family’s well-being. Additionally, I have increased my knowledge and skills in different domains such as effective cooperative management, preparing quality coffee, and other various training the cooperative offers to us.

Ndagijimana Alphonse

Production & Quality Manager

I became a member of the cooperative in 2010 and joining Gisuma has helped me individually and my family as a whole. Through working with the cooperative, I managed to attend University from 2012 to 2014 and gained A1 University Diploma. Besides, I have gained a lot of resources and assets which include a plot of land that I bought in 2015, built two house houses in which one is in Kigali and the other in Rusizi, and bought domestic animals. Lastly, I got married using my income without having to seek support from my family.

Urimubeshi Xaverne


Urimubeshi Xaverne is a member/farmer in this cooperative, and she joined the cooperative in 2009. She testifies her positive outcomes of being part of Gisuma whereby she was given cow in 2013 and gained the financial ability to pay school fees for her children in high school. Moreover, she raised money that helped her to buy a house and be able to pay for her family insurance for her family on an annual basis. She was able to expand the cultivating land since she is paid in a timely manner. The cow given by the cooperative has helped her to get fertilizers for her coffee trees and drinking milk hence contributing to the wellbeing of her family.

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